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  • Showing 5 of 5 Items

Multi-Fuel 'Waste Oil' Burners & Boilers

Did you know that you could significantly reduce or even eliminate your heating costs by utilizing waste oil boilers or heaters for your heating needs? Waste oil boilers and heaters fuelled with used oils such as used vegetable oils, recycled oil, used motor oils and hydraulic oils.

Waste oil boilers deliver an efficient way to recycle waste oils as a free fuel source to generate heat and hot water, which can be used to heat garages, workshops, warehouses, greenhouses to name but a few, within the broad range of applications it can be used for. Our European made waste oil boilers are designed for the unique demands of providing water heating systems run on waste engine oils, hydraulic oil, vegetable oils, bio-diesel and a range of other fuels. Convert all these free or low-cost fuels into clean, usable heat and virtually eliminate your fuel costs!

At a time of rising fuel costs, the multi-fuel ‘waste oil’ boiler, which can burn nearly all vegetable, animal, conventional and waste oil, will save you money and provides you with flexibility in choosing your preferred fuel source.

The ZM Primula R series of waste oil boilers are designed for perfect compatibility with our Citerm Multi-Fuel ‘waste oil’ burners, providing a complete and proven solution and can be used to produce domestic hot water with an indirect hot water cylinder. These multi-fuel waste oil boilers are made in the EU and are exported worldwide and combine exceptional quality for unbeatable value.

In more recent times we have seen a huge increase of people using vegetable oils as a fuel, this is a very green option as its renewable and is CO2 neutral. Our Citerm multi-fuel oil burners were one of the first to gain the DIN standard for use on rapeseed oil, which is used extensively as fuel in countries such as Denmark and Sweden due to the high relative prices of energy within those regions and are now more popular in the UK today.

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