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ZMH Ltd our history…

2011 – Z.M. Heaters started as ZMO Systems, we secured exclusive UK distribution for the Hiton brand of universal Workshop ‘Multi Oil’ Heaters and sold these multi fuel oil heaters across the UK directly to those that had access to various suitable oils, such as automotive and commercial workshops as well as agricultural, marine and the Industrial sector.

2012 – A national automotive parts and equipment distributor GSF Car Parts also began supplying our Multi Fuel Oil Heater range to the automotive industry, replacing their previous supplier. This led to much greater interest and demand from the automotive and commercial vehicle channel and some other industry sectors around the UK.  As a result we formed ZMH Ltd a new Limited Company to further accelerate our growth across the UK, supported by our ecommerce site, enabling other industries around the UK to purchase products from ZMO Systems.

2013 – We launched the ZM Multi Fuel ‘Oil’ Heater brand, sourcing and working with manufacturers and factories from around the world to broaden our product range, also adding our own range of portable super quiet direct diesel space heaters. Our ZM Multi Fuel ‘Oil’ Heaters rapidly emerged as the credible alternative and clear ‘challenger’ to the Thermobile units in the automotive, commercial vehicle workshops along with the agricultural and industrial businesses all seeking low cost heating solutions.

2014 – We extended our ZM Multi Fuel ‘Oil’ Heater range, introduction a the bigger 177,000 Btu manual ignition unit the ZM150 along with a range of Automatic Multi Fuel ‘Oil’ Heaters and Boilers providing a variety of choice for all types of customers. In this year we agreed a distribution agreement into the automotive aftermarket channel with GSF Car Parts who would exclusively distribute and supported all our products across the automotive aftermarket sector in the United Kingdom.

2015 – Distribution of ZM products into the automotive channel was expanded in this year when GSF Car Parts was acquired by The Parts Alliance and joined the group, opening up a number of automotive distribution outlets with Allparts, BBC Superfactors, BMF, BMS, CES, Car Parts & Accessories, Dingbro, GMF, Qualvecom, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors and Waterloo all joining GSF Car Parts and The Parts Alliance in distributing the ZM products to local garages and national chains across the U.K and Ireland with a network of over 300 branches nationwide increasing the availability on the ZM Heater products.

2016 – The Parts Alliance and GSF Car Parts successfully distributed the ZM Multi Fuel ‘Oil’ Heaters and Diesel Space Heaters across the automotive aftermarket sector in the U.K and the ZM brand became a regular feature in their Garage Equipment brochures each year and incredible growth during this time.

2020 – We launched the ZM Cooling brand and the ZM EVO Sereies ZMC-EVO Series of Air Conditioning Service Charging Stations, this was a natural progression for ZM to move into vehicle air conditioning products, as our sister company Autocooling was already providing the technical and engineer support and back up for the ZM Heater program for GSF Car Parts.  Our Autocooling business had been established for a number of years specialising in automotive & commercial vehicle air conditioning market across the UK, primarily working in the main dealer network. Autocooling provided maintenance & repair services on all brands of AC Stations along with Technical Support, AC Service Station sales, AC Station Servicing & Calibrations, Spares & Consumables along with warranty support and back for a number of well know AC brands being sold in the UK.

The ZMC EVO Series was launched in this year and these great robust HFO1234YF and R134a Air Con Service Stations were hugely successful, built with only the very best quality European components along with our own technician’s care and expertise to detail working with our factories, to guarantee quality, reliability, longevity and providing easy simple safe use, along with our Lifetime Customer Technical Support and our 3 Year warranty* for customer peace of mind.

2021 – After the success of our ZMC-EVO Series of Air Con Service Stations, we launched ZM Cooling’s new ZMC400 Pro Series of Air Con Charging Station for the dealer and aftermarket workshops, again with our technician’s care and expertise and only using the very best quality European components to provide quality, reliability and longevity all backed up with our Lifetime Customer Technical Support and 3 Year warranty*.

2022 – We added ZM Cooling’s latest generation of Fully Automatic air conditioning charging stations. The new ZMC600 Series these Hi-Tech Pro Air Conditioning Service Stations stand out for their modern design, robust reliability and are the result of careful research and our years of experience. These new Hi-Tech station come with Status LED Indicators that allows the technician to dedicate themselves to other tasks during the execution of the automatic procedure. Depending on the colour, they will be able to understand the machine status. These units are also equipped with Wi-Fi Connectivity and our ClimaControl system that also allows you to view and control your station remotely, via a smartphone (iOS/Android) or a PC (MacOS/Windows), allowing you to view directly on your device in our mirror screen-mode the same screens you would see on your station. The ZMC600 Series Hi-Tech units are built with the very best quality European components to provide reliability and longevity all backed up with our Lifetime Customer Technical Support and 3 Year warranty*.

After a long and successful arrangement with GSF Car Parts the groups exclusive distribution agreement in automotive with ZM wasn’t renewed at the end of 2022. This was because GSF’s parent, Uni-Select in Canada was part of an ongoing acquisition with corporate changes and new ownership all expected in the coming year, therefore they were unable to fully commit until the future was more clear.  This was amicable, for both parties and also now opened up access to the ZM range of products to other distributors in the automotive sector. Allowing more branch outlets across the U.K to offer and supply the highly successful ZM range of products. GSF Car Parts continue to sell the ZM Products and as always, we are here to support all the historical units already in the market place along with all our distributors.

2023 – January saw the launch of our new ZM Online Store enabling us to showcase all our products in one place, with quicker availability to spares, consumables and accessories for all trade, providing greater visibility of our products with all technical support now back in house to provide a even better customer service, with direct access to ZM’s Technical Support, Accessories, Consumables, Spares and Engineers.

The new and unique ZMC800 Series Hi-Tech Dual Pro AC Service Stations, was launched, our latest generation of DUAL GAS fully automatic charging station. Thanks to the innovative hydraulic circuit, this Dual AC Station can manage two different gases without any contamination. Allowing the machine to be used on two different vehicle gases at the same time a real game changer for automotive Dual Machines. This unique machine saves considerable down time used up when switching between gases, a problem found on all other dual gas machines in the market today. These Dual Gas units are also equipped with the Status LED indicators allowing technicians to know exactly what stage of the process the unit is on at a glance whilst working anywhere in the workshop. The Dual Hi-Tech units also come equipped with Wi-Fi Connectivity and the ClimaControl system that allows the technician to view and control the station remotely, through either a smartphone (iOS/Android) or a PC (MacOS/Windows), in our mirror screen-mode. The demand for this Dual unit has exceeded our expectation and has just been fantastic especially with the growth of HFO1234YF gassed vehicles on the road now. We thought this would be well received as it solved an issue that plagued all previous dual machines in the market, but we did not expect the demand to be as big as it has been with us selling out in February and March 2023 before the season had even began, such was the demand for this unit.

2023 UPDATE – The ZM HEATERS & ZM COOLING’s range of products are also now available in the automotive aftermarket from our distributor partners, who continue to promote, distribute and supply our hugely successful ZM range of products into the UK automotive aftermarket. Owners of any ZM products can get access to the ZM range of products, services and spares via any of our distributor outlets across the UK, all with branches nationwide.

2024 – We launched the ZM HEATDUCTION range of Induction Heaters for the automotive, commercial and industrial sectors across the UK. Induction heating is a particularly efficient process for heating the core of metal extremely quickly. There are many applications: for mechanics, bodywork or general maintenance. This fast and precise heat transfer only acts on ferrous and aluminium components. Therefore it causes no collateral damage to nearby rubbers or plastics. The heat is extremely localized and the absence of flame improves safety in the workplace. Operations such as unlocking, unblocking or removing recalcitrant parts and elements become very simple. ZM HEATDUCTION range is based on this principle and offers 6 products with power levels adapted to all applications.

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The huge advantage when purchasing any ZM product, is the level of support and backup that we provide either on our AC products or Heating range, having years of experience dealing with our products across the UK. Our own in-house technical support team provide a full Nationwide Service, we don’t just sell products or dropship like some other outlets and re-sellers, we are here and contactable to support our brand directly. All our ZM Air Con Service Stations are all Hybrid & EV ready with our PAG oils and UV dyes and come as standard with Lifetime Customer Technical Support and 3-Year Warranty*. 

Z.M.H Ltd ethos is based on simple, uncomplicated service we aim to :

  • Offer complete product solution.
  • All products available from ZM Direct Online Store or via carefully chosen distributor partners.
  • Fully Supported and backed up products, nationwide.
  • Supported via ZM In-house Technical Team on the phone and externally with our own engineers*
  • Comprehensive Spare Parts program.
  • Up to 3 Year warranty as on many ZM Products*

We also :

  • Offer good quality product information on the web
  • Provide sensible unbiased presales suggestions to help you select the right products
  • Offer full e-commerce facilities

By carefully concentrating on doing what we do well all day and everyday, we provide great products with more features and benefits than other brands in the market place all at very competitive prices and all backed up by our product knowledge, to support all customers New and Old.



*3 years warranty on AC Stations is subject to unit being serviced after years 1 and year 2 with the ZM engineers,

All engineer onsite repairs are subject to T&C’s and dependent on specific product warranties



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